Things to consider

I like to think of this time as an opportunity to connect with our loved ones and enjoy the little moments we tend to miss out on due busy lives. At home, one can spend a little extra time on your physical health by working out and spending time eating meals without a huge rush.

So, what we recommend is listening to the World Health Organisation and our president to maintain your social distance, wash your hands regularly and where required use masks and gloves for protection. Lastly, stay at home during this time and lean away from panic buying.

Here are a few ideas to do while at home:

  • Find a home challenge such as the #hometasking challenge with the Taskmaster crew.
  • Spend that little bit of extra time tinkering with your hobbies
  • Take some time to spend on your vehicle TLC
  • Perhaps a little time on some personal TLC
  • Connect with others via video calls and messages
  • Read that book you have on your side table
  • Teach your children something new
  • Cook those meals that usually take way too long
  • Learn something new via online platforms

Share your ideas or tricks you have for using your now abundant time in the comments.