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A bit more about US

COVID-19 has taken the world stage.

As the virus came over the world turning into the current pandemic, we are all experiencing, many of us looked inward. We looked to our families, our friends, our cities and our countries. Some may not have even taken this infection so seriously at all. Others went straight to panic mode and began buying up all that they could. As the infection continues to overwhelm the health care systems around the world we wait in anticipation for some sign of an end to this pandemic.

However, we do not have to wait without purpose.

Though this is a troubling time with many of us not used to being in isolation, work from home or full on quarantine, we have the possibility to take this time to reinvent how we communicate and continue with business.

We are a small group of individuals and business owners working together to bring back positivity to a very dim future for our global system. Economically and emotionally we are about to embark on a journey as a whole planet through a tumultuous period of time that currently has no end in sight.

We hope to help you share your story with dealing with the ripple effect that COVID-19 has brought upon you as a company owner as well as an individual. Tell us more about how you have been impacted and how/what you require to make it through this time of social distancing and businesses being closed. We aim to connect individuals and groups that will work in collaboration so that we may make it through this incredible journey together.

Contact us now if you would like to share your story or ideas you would like to share. Together we can thrive.

Film yourself with your phone and send us a video either via a link or directly answering the following questions and we will do our best to connect you with the right people.

– Introduce yourself and your company. Let us know who you are and what your company is about.

– How has the coronavirus impacted your job/company?

– How is the current situation affecting you personally?

– What do you feel you need now to get through this?

– Do you have any ideas about what people could do to help each other out during this time? Even if the idea seems small or radical, please share with us, you never know you might be able to action an idea and benefit from it.

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