Project Description

ST #4 Ware’s Quail Farm

Apr 15, 2020


Hi All! Please meet Justin & Lenie, the gunslingers with green fingers. Quail farmers in Nelspruit, South Africa. They have shared their story with us and we are sharing with you. Enjoy friends ūüôā

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Here are the 5 questions:

1. Who are you and what do you do (for a living)?

2. How has quarantine affected your job/company?

3. How has quarantine personally affected you?

4. What do you need right now (to keep afloat or to cope psychologically)?

5. Do you have any ideas about how to help others keep their businesses afloat or keep their spirits up? We will also be posting silly videos as we are all ridiculous people at heart and we encourage you to send us your videos, as well as other information you find valuable, and we will make a point of sharing it.